Options On Gold futures

About Options On Gold futures

Gold does not rust or deteriorate and therefore is highly valued and used in jewelry and currency. There is also a steady demand for Gold as electronic components for computers, because Gold has low electrical resistivity and high conductivity.
The Gold market is global. Major trading centers of Gold include London, Zurich, Hongkong, Tokyo and NY. Thus, Gold is traded continuously throughout all time zones. The price of Gold is regarded as one of the most important economic indicators globally.
Gold is default risk free and known as the “last resort” of asset, since investors turn to Gold and the demand for Gold surges when the economy goes down.
In Japan, Tokyo Gold Exchange was founded in 1982. It merged with Tokyo Textile Exchange and Tokyo Rubber Exchange in November 1984, which changed its name to Tokyo Commodity Exchange in February 2013. Gold Futures and Options on Gold Futures were transferred from TOCOM to Osaka Exchange in July 2020.