Overview of Segment Transfers

Segment Transfer Schedule

The schedule for segment transfers between the Prime, Standard, and Growth Markets is the same as the schedule for initial listings.
The amount of work needed for preparation for a transfer will vary depending on the number of years since the IPO, as it will be necessary to have structures in place that are consistent with changes in the size of the company or other factors since the IPO.
The standard examination period is three months for segment transfers to the Prime or Standard Markets, and two months for segment transfers to the Growth Market.

Section Transfers Schedule

Please note that there is no set standard examination period for segment transfers to the Standard Market when the applicant has not submitted a managing trading participant's report on listing eligibility investigation, but it is expected to be at least three months.
However, if, for example, the applicant has not been subject to measures to ensure effectiveness or other listed company compliance measures in the last five years, the examination period is expected to be at least two months.
Companies wishing to apply for a segment transfer to the Standard Market should contact the Consultation Desk approximately six months before the planned date of application.


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