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Nomura Europe Finance N.V.(Code:20314)

Nomura Europe Finance N.V Nomura Europe Finance N.V. (NEF) is substantially a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc. (NHI) and assists NHI and its subsidiaries (together the “Nomura Group”) in such activities as raising funds from the global debt capital markets and providing for the transfer of funds internationally, coupled with the management of surplus funds.

Nomura Group mainly engages in investment and financial business centering on securities business and provides a wide range of services both for financial arrangements and investment management through offices covering major financial cities and capital markets in the world. In particular, Nomura Group’s business include sales and purchase and intermediary for entrustment of securities, underwriting and secondary distribution of securities, dealing in public offering and secondary distribution, dealing in private placement of securities, principal investment, asset management and any other securities and financial services