Listed Issues

NO Issue name Code Listing date Delisting date Exercise period Acquisition date Justification process
1 YAMAKI CO.,LTD., 3rd Series Subscription Warrant 3598-9 Dec.22,2014 Feb.10,2015 Jan.30,2015~Feb.17.2015 N/A Resolution of general shareholders meeting
2 CyberStep,Inc., 23rd Series Subscription Warrant 3810-9 Feb.16,2015 Apr.06,2015 Mar.23,2015~Apr.10,2015 N/A Resolution of general shareholders meeting
3 A.D.Works Co.,Ltd., 20th Series Subscription Warrant 3250-9 Jul.13,2017 Sep.06,2017 Jul.13,2017~Sep.12,2017 N/A Resolution of general shareholders meeting
4 Hoosiers Holdings, 2nd Series Subscription Warrant 3284-9 Feb.01,2018 Mar.09,2018 Feb.01,2018~Mar.15,2018(for general subscription warrant holders),
Mar.20,2018~Mar.22,2018(for underwriting securities companies)
Mar.19,2018 Commitment-type (Partial)
/Examination by trading participants
5 Samty Co.,Ltd., 19th Series Subscription Warrant 3244-9 Oct.01,2018 Nov.13,2018 Oct.01,2018~Nov.19,2018(for general subscription warrant holders),
Nov.22,2018~Nov.26,2018(for underwriting securities companies)
Nov.21,2018 Commitment-type (Partial)
/Examination by trading participants
6 A.D.Works Co.,Ltd., 22th Series Subscription Warrant 3250-9 Jul.11, 2019 Aug.20,2019 Jul.11,2019~Aug.23,2019 N/A Resolution of general shareholders meeting
7 CAICA Inc., 1st Series Subscription Warrant 2315-9 Aug.12,2020 Sep.11,2020 Aug.12,2020~Sep.16,2020 N/A Resolution of general shareholders meeting
8 Kushim,Inc., 8th Series Subscription Warrant 2345-9 Nov.02,2020 Dec.04,2020 Nov.02,2020~Dec.09,2020 N/A Resolution of general shareholders meeting
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  • Delisting dates are subject to change. Changes are indicated in bold.
  • An acquisition clause may be attached to the subscription warrants.
  • In the case where a contract stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 6, Item 3 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act is made, it will be indicated as “commitment-type”.
    In other cases, it shall indicate the procedure prescribed in Rule 304, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Securities Listing Regulations.