Daily Report


  • In "Estimated/Settled", trading volumes etc. are shown by product or market section.
  • In "Stocks“ and "Bonds", prices and trading volumes etc. are shown by individual issue.

Date and Time of Posting

  • Lists will be available on the first business day after the trading day.

Points to Consider when Using

  • "-" : Not applicable
  • "(blank)" or "/" : No listings / no value available


(1) Stock Trading Volume/Value (Estimated/Settled)

  • Under "Auction Trades," the"Total" column includes the relevant amounts for trades made to correct errors and Delta Neutral Strategy trading.(The amounts for trades made to correct errors and Delta Neutral Strategy trading are not included in the individual categories of "Regular way","Cash","When-Issued" and "Off-Floor Sell" for auction trading.)
  • The "ToSTNeT" column shows the sum for all types of ToSTNeT trades ("Single Issue Trading","Basket Trading", "Trading On Closing price"," Off-auction Repurchase of a company's own shares" and transactions for correcting errors on ToSTNeT.)
  • From July 2, 2012 (Mon.) to July 12, 2013 (Fri.), the “Mothers” column includes numerical values of TOKYO PRO Market.
  • From July 16, 2013 (Tues.), "TOKYO PRO Market," "JASDAQ Standard," and "JASDAQ Growth" shall be added to the Market Division column.

(2) Bond Trading Volume/Value (Estimated/Settled)

  • Fractions of units are dropped, but fractions of Daily Average numbers are rounded off.
  • Cash settlement is not available for JGBs at TSE.
  • Since there are no ToSTNeT trades for straight bonds, the column of "ToSTNeT " for "Straight Bonds" is always blank.

Stocks and Bonds

(1) Stocks

  • Data is for the trading day (including transactions made on that day for correcting errors). VWAP is calculated based on trading value and trading volume in auction trading.
  • When extremely large single-issue trades (ToSTNeT) whose value is greater than or equal to 5 billion yen (except those where both sale and purchase are based on customer's orders) are executed, information such as capital amount and trading volume including the relevant large-scale trade will be available on the business day following the trading day in the daily report.
  • From July 2, 2012 (Mon.) to July 12, 2013 (Fri.), the “Mothers” column includes issues from TOKYO PRO Market.
  • Accompanying the cash equity market integration, issues listed from Osaka Securities Exchange to Tokyo Stock Exchange shall be included from July 16, 2013 (Tues.). On such date, the "Net Change" for such issues will be denoted as "-".

(2) Bonds

  • Data is for the trading day.
  • Only Issues traded on that specific day will be listed in "JGB Conditional Transactions".
  • Interest rate shows the coupon rate for the relevant issue.
  • The "issue price" field shows the average subscription price of the relevant issue for those issued through public tender.
  • Since special quotations was abolished for Bonds (Straight Bonds) trading on November 21, 2011, "-" are indicated in "Final special quote" columns.
  • "Total Listed Market Value" of convertible bonds depends on reported value from issuing companies, etc., and displays the total listed value as understood by the TSE as of the relevant trading day.

Other information (news, correction of errors, etc.)

In case of error correction, TSE will update the PDF file and identify the corrected information in the ”Revision Information” .