Monthly Statistics Report

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This report includes mainly the market statistics of securities traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For details, please click here.

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Date and Time Frame of Posting

This report is posted around 21st of each month.


  • Figures less than the indicated unit are omitted, except in the case of averages and ratios, which are rounded to the nearest number. Total values, therefore, may not coincide with the aggregate of subdivided figures.
  • Trading volume and trading value are calculated on a one-way basis, unless otherwise noted.
  • Figures for stocks are those for common stocks unless otherwise noted.
  • From July 2012 to July 12, 2013 the Mothers market statistics, excluding stock price indices, include TOKYO PRO Market-listed issues unless otherwise noted.
  • In this report, bonds other than convertible bonds are called "Straight bonds".
  • The symbols in the statistical tables are as follows.
    [ 0 ] : Fractional or less than the unit
        (Note) In “9-1 to 9-5 Trading Volume & Value by Investor Type (1st Section, 2nd Section, Mothers, JASDAQ, and Total of Tokyo & Nagoya)", "0" indicates 'less than a unit,' 'nil,' or 'n/a.'
    [ - ] : Nil or no value
    [ r ] : Revised figures
    [ p ] : Provisional figures

In Case of Revision

Should a revision be made to the report after it is available on the website, the TSE replaces the old PDF file with a revised one.
As a general rule, the TSE adds "r" to the revised parts and highlights them in the new file.



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