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Aug. 13, 2019 TSE Designation of Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation): NIHON FORM SERVICE CO.,LTD.


TSE has designated an issue as Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation) as follows.

1.Issue Name NIHON FORM SERVICE CO.,LTD. stock
(Code: 7869, Market Division: JASDAQ Standard)
2.Period of Designation as Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation) From Aug. 13, 2019 (Tue.) to the day when TSE determines whether the company has fallen under the delisting criteria
Provision Enforcement Rules for Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 605, Paragraph 1, Item 13, Sub-item a
(due to disclosing up to the statutory submission deadline that it is not expected to be able to submit a quarterly report by such deadline)
3.Reason NIHON FORM SERVICE CO.,LTD. has disclosed today, that it is not expected to be able to submit a quarterly report by the statutory submission deadline Aug.14, 2019.
If the Company does not submit the quarterly report within one (1) month of the statutory submission deadline, (up to Sep. 14, 2019) TSE will decide to delist the stock of the Company.
TSE designates the stock of the Company as Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation), and informs investors of the possibility of a delisting.
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Designation History of Securities Under Supervision & Securities to Be Delisted

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