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Nov. 11, 2015 TSE Revision of Index Guidebooks


The index guidebooks for TOPIX and other indices have been revised as follows due to the listing of Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. (6178).

1. Key Changes

(1)TOPIX Ex-Financials guidebook only

・Addition of description regarding its shares excluded in TOPIX Ex-Financials.

  • In accordance with the revised descriptions in I. Outline of the TOPIX Ex-Financials guidebook, Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. is not included in the index.
New and old Sheet icon-pdf

(2)Index guidebooks

・Addition of description for Japan Post Holdings regarding its shares held by the Japanese government in relation to index calculation.

2. Effective Date

November 11, 2015

3. Index guidebook after revision

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TOPIX (Section Index) icon-pdf
TOPIX Ex-financials icon-pdf
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