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Oct. 06, 2023 JPXI Re-evaluating Phased Weighting Reduction Constituents in TOPIX


In April 2021, JPX Market Innovation and Research, Inc. (JPXI) decided to review TOPIX to further improve its functionality as an investable index in addition to its representation of the market. The transition is expected to be completed by the end of January 2025.

JPXI conducted a re-evaluation of “Phased Weighting Reduction Constituents,” a revision announced in October 2022, to decide whether to continue with reduced weighting or not. The results of the re-evaluation have now been published.

List of the Phased Weighting Reduction Constituents in TOPIX (After Re-evaluation) icon-pdf

Please refer to the documents below for the details of revision schedule.

Designation and Re-evaluation of TOPIX Phased Weighting Reduction Constituents
TSE Index Guidebook (TOPIX)

For details on the revision of TOPIX, please refer to the following.

Overview of TOPIX Revisions


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