DJIA Futures

Contract Specifications

Underlying Index Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
Opening Date May 28, 2012
Trading Hours 8:45-15:15, 16:30-6:00
(Note) Orders are only accepted and not matched for 5 minutes before the Itayose on close.
Trading Hours
Contract Months 4 contract months in the March quarterly cycle (March, June, September and December)
Last Trading Day A trading day which ends on the third Friday (If it falls upon an OSE's non-business day or a day on which DJIA is not scheduled to be calculated, it will be advanced.) of each contract month.
Trading in a new contract month begins on the business day following the last trading day.
SQ Day The business day following the last trading day.
Contract Unit DJIA × ¥100
Tick Size 1 point
Price Limits
  1. The price limit range shall be calculated by multiplying the reference price of price limits by the following rates.
  2. Normal 7%
    1st Expansion 13%
    2nd Expansion 20%
    (Note) The price limits will be expanded to the 1st expansion of price limits, and then to the 2nd expansion of price limits (Only price limits in one direction, up or down, will be expanded.)
    Price Limits/ Circuit Breaker Rule
  3. Immediately Executable Price Range Rule(DCB):LTP or BBO mid price ±1.0%
    ※However, the DCB Price Range for Opening Auction and Closing Auction will be ±3.0% and ±1.5% respectively.
    Immediately Executable Price Range Rule
Circuit Breaker Rule (SCB) In the case where there was a trade, etc. in the central contract month at the upper or lower price limit range, trading in all contract months will be suspended for at least 10 minutes. Price Limits/ Circuit Breaker Rule
Strategy Trades The calendar spread trading is available.
J-NET Trading Available (Tick size: 0.0001 point, Minimum trading unit: 1 unit)
J-NET Trading
Holiday Trading Available
Holiday Trading
Settlement Settlement
Last traded price, etc. from 3:00 p.m. until the end of the Day Session
Final Settlement Price The same value as the final settlement price determined by CBOT for the DJIA Futures contract on CBOT whose last trading day belongs to the same month as the contract month of the DJIA Futures.
Margin Calculated by VaR Method
Margin Calculation Method (VaR Method) for Futures and Options (JSCC)
Settlement method
  1. resell or buy back
  2. final settlement
Give-Up Available
Give-Up System
Position-Transfer Available
Position Transfer System(JSCC)