Examinations pertaining to Disclosure of Corporate Information

Examinations on disclosure of corporate information pursuant to the provisions of Part 2, Chapter 4, Section 2 of the Securities Listing Regulations shall be conducted when Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) recognizes their necessity and propriety for the purpose of ensuring appropriate disclosure of corporate information by listed companies. These examinations shall be conducted from the perspectives provided in the following 1. through 5. regarding important corporate information.

  1. Whether the time of disclosure is appropriate
  2. Whether the disclosed information contains false statements
  3. Whether the disclosed information is lacking in information deemed important for investment decisions
  4. Whether the disclosed information will cause misunderstandings related to investment decisions
  5. Whether the information is lacking in other appropriateness

Furthermore, in cases where TSE deems it necessary and conducts an inquiry of a listed company, the listed company is obligated to accurately report such matters immediately. Additionally, Japan Exchange Regulation (JPX-R), the self-regulatory arm of JPX, also conducts similar inquiries. As in cases where TSE conducts such an inquiry, the listed company is obligated to make an accurate report on such matters immediately when JPX-R conducts such an inquiry.

[Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 415, Paragraph 1, and Rule 3, Paragraph 2]