Green and Social Bonds

Information about Green and Social Bonds

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. launched a dedicated platform for Green and Social bonds on January 22, 2018.

Currently, various efforts have been made globally to tackle climate change or social issues. To fund such efforts, green financing or social financing has been growing in the capital market. This new platform is part of TSE's response to these developments, through which we aim to show our support to issuers and contribute to driving the growth of the Green and Social bonds market.

Platform Description

  • The platform allows issuers, at their discretion, to post information pertaining to Green and Social bonds, from among those listed on TOKYO PRO-BOND Market.
  • If an issuer wishes to post information pertaining to a bond listed on TOKYO PRO-BOND Market through the platform for Green and Social bonds, the issuer is required to submit to TSE the information about green or social use of proceeds pertaining to said bond, and such information will be posted on the platform.
  • In addition, issuers can post such information as external reviews, continued reporting after bond issuance, and other related information.

About Green Bond/Social Bond

A Green Bond or Social Bond refers to any type of bond instrument issued to finance projects that aim to solve environmental (e.g., global warming) or social (e.g., education/welfare) problems. Following the International Capital Market Association's publication of the "Green Bond Principles" (2014) and "Social Bond Principles" (2017), there has been a growing movement to issue and invest in Green and Social bonds across the international community. The trend is also expected to become more prevalent in Japan now that the Ministry of the Environment has formulated and published its own "Green Bond Guidelines, 2017".

How to Post the Information about Social and Green Bonds on the Platform

For instructions on how to post the information about Social and Green bonds, please see the manual below.

Instruction Manual for Posting Information about Social and Green Bonds

Green and Social Bonds FAQs

For frequently asked questions and answers about Green and Social bonds, please follow the link below and see Q55-63.

Q&A about the TOKYO PRO-BOND Market


Please note that the information about Green and Social bonds is posted on the platform according to the application from the respective issuer. TSE does not certify any bond as a Green or Social bond.