The TOKYO PRO-BOND Market allows bonds to be traded either through the exchange or over-the-counter.
The TOKYO PRO-BOND Market provides a trading system as outlined below.

Trading Days Every day with the exception of non-business days (Sundays, national holidays, national holidays observed the preceding or following day, Saturdays, January 1 -3, and December 31).
Trading Hours Order acceptance and trading hours are 12:30 to 15:00.
Trading Session and Trading Method  Trades are conducted in order of offer time and price; intraday trading only.
Trading other than trading via the trading system. 
Minimum Tick Yen-denominated bonds are traded at 0.01 points per 100 yen of face value, and foreign-currency-denominated bonds at 0.01 points per 100 points.
Announcement of Contract Price Announcements are made once a day on the website of the Exchange. (Trading values for foreign-currency-denominated bonds are also converted into yen.)
  • ・Settlements for trading in bonds issued in Japan completed on PRO-BOND are made through the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation. Clearance and settlement of foreign-currency-denominated bonds is made at the trading value converted into yen by the Exchange.
  • ・Securities settlements for bonds issued in Japan are conducted through the Japan Securities Depositary Center, Inc. (JASDEC).