Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index

What is Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index

The Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index, which was initially called TOCOM Index, is an index providing an overall indication of the price levels of precious metals, oil, rubber and agricultural products markets listed on Osaka Exchange, Inc. ("OSE") and Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. ("TOCOM").
The Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index is the aggregated figure of the fluctuation rates of each component's settlement prices, from base date (May 31, 2002, on which the Index price is set at 100.00) to the applicable date, multiplied by a weight percentage for each component.

Summary of Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index

Index Name Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index
Component Issues All commodities listed on the commodity derivative markets of OSE and TOCOM, excluding Options Transactions.
Calculation Method The Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index is calculated and published once a day, using the settlement price of each component.
Start of Calculation May 31, 2002
Base Date / Base Point May 31, 2002 / 100.00 points

Calculation Method

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Nikkei-JPX Sub Commodity Index

The Nikkei-JPX Sub Commodity Indexes, which are calculated by using the same method of calculation as for the Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index, are designed to become benchmarks for each commodity sector and each individual commodity.
The Nikkei-JPX Sub Commodity Indexes series corresponds to the Nikkei-JPX Nearby Month Commodity Index, which is based on the prices of the nearby contract month, the Nikkei-JPX Industrial Commodity Index, which is composed of the industrial commodities, the Nikkei-JPX Precious Metals Index, which is composed of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, the Nikkei-JPX Oil Index, which is composed of Gasoline, Kerosene, Crude Oil, the Nikkei-JPX Agricultural Product Index, which is composed of Soybean, Azuki, Corn, as well as indexes by single listed commodity (eleven types).
Nikkei-JPX Sub Commodity Indexes are calculated using the daily settlement price and publicized once a day.

Component weight percentage (June 2024 to May 2025)

Nikkei-JPX Commodity Index Chart

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