Real Time Market Data

Fees for subscription to OSE real-time market price information are dependent on the type of business of the subscriber, how the subscriber receives the information, when the subscriber receives the information etc.. In any case, the fees are composed of “basic fee” and “external-distribution fee”.

Policies Regarding Usage of Market Information (applied until the day before the Product Transfer Date) icon-pdf
Policies Regarding Usage of Market Information (applied from the Product Transfer Date_marked) icon-pdf

Promotional Rates for Derivatives Market Information Fees

Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) will offer a special program to those who do not currently distribute OSE real-time market information to encourage them to consider distributing OSE real-time market information. The program will provide promotional rates for OSE real-time market information for a limited period.

Promotional Rates for Stock Index Futures/Options etc. Fees icon-pdf
Promotional Rates for Commodity Futures/Options Fees icon-pdf


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