Real Time Market Data

To subscribe to OSE Market Data, you need to take following proceedures. If you receive the information through vendors, you do not need the process (4) to (6).
(You are not allowed to distribute information to any third parties without permission from OSE.)

Contractual Procedure (It might take approx. one month.)

Processing Flow Term
(1)-1 Policies regarding Usage of Market Information (Understanding terms and conditions)(applied until the day before the Product Transfer Date) icon-pdf Processes (1) to (3) take about one month.
(1)-2 Policies regarding Usage of Market Information (Understanding terms and conditions)(from the Product Transfer Date_marked) icon-pdf
(2)Executing Information Provision Agreement icon-pdf
(3) Registering information on MICS

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(4) Applying for User IDs take about one month.
(5) Establishing Network connection take about two months. *
(6) ID application of about TMI connection take about one month.

  • In the case of 10G line about 4 to 6 months

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Inquiry From (1) to (3) ,(6)
Osaka Exchange Inc.,Information Services
TEL : +81-50-3377-8650
E-Mail :

Inquiry From (4) to (5)
JPX Service desk
TEL : Navi Dial (NTT's Japan-wide call handling service): 0570-064-054 IP phone/PHS : 050-3819-1070
Email :