Reference Data

Full Order Information, which is stored daily basis, is provided in this service.
Please see the forllowing for information on FLEX FULL data, which is corresponding to OSE full order information in the cash market.

Tick Data


  • Full Order Information
    NK225 OP, NK225OP (Weekly), Equity OP, JGB products, NK225 Futures, TOPIX Futures, JPX400 Futures, Other Futures, TOPIX OP, JPX400 OP, NK225 mini

    Information dissemeinated via J-GATE will be stored and provides as a csv file.
Delivery Channel Internet FTP
File update timing 33:00 JST (9:00 on the next day)
Service Provision Period Data will be accumulated daily from the starting date of the service (July 19, 2016)
Data will be stored up to past 20 business days including the most recent data. You will be able to get available data as many times as you like
License Period Minimum license period is one month.
At least one month advance notice is required before terminating the license.

Delivery Channel

Protocol File relayed through FTP
Connection Internet (Please provide a fixed global IP address)
  • Select and download a file from the date-specific directory.
  • The file naming rule will be “filename_yyyymmdd” )srnd-itch_YYYYMMDD_A
  • MD5(Message Digest Algorithm5) will be use d as the primary download confirmation method.
Compression Files will be compressed using ZIP format.
Data capacity will vary according to the amount of data for the relevant date.


Item Overview
Specification for connecting to Data Feed Server (Full Order Information Provision Service) icon-pdf
Connectivity_Manual_ITCH_TMI icon-pdf
Appendix1_Read-as-List of ITCH Connectivity Manual icon-pdf
Appendix2_Dated Directory of Storage destination for provision file icon-pdf


Access Fees

Users will be charged access fees for the service. These are the only fees that are charged if the information is only used for internal purposes (no restriction on the number of internal users).

The individual corporate usage rate will be applied to licensees who only use the service internally, while the group company usage rate will be applied if the licensee shares the service with group companies.

Monthly access fees are as below (in JPY, not including tax):

Service Single Entity Corporate Usage Rate(JPY) Group Company Corporate Usage Rate(JPY)
Full Order Information 80,000 120,000


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