Enhancing Corporate Governance

From the standpoint of a market operator, Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) operates its listing rules based on the basic understanding that it is necessary to set clear goals for the enhancement of corporate governance of listed companies and to firmly establish the groundwork to achieve these goals.

The goals are that company management gains an awareness of the need to take responsibility for appropriate disclosure, and that companies appropriately utilize independent outside personnel to check the actions of management. In order to promote these, we request listed companies to disclose corporate governance reports as a means of clearly communicating about their corporate governance to investors.

Design of Corporate Governance Reports

Corporate governance reports are designed to improve the comparability of corporate governance information for investors.

In the past, disclosure of corporate governance-related information in financial statements was left to the discretion of each company and was disclosed together with other financial information, making it difficult for investors to independently compare and judge each company's corporate governance system. Therefore, TSE decided to collect corporate governance-related information in the form of reports from each company and make this available to view at any time in one place, on the TSE website.

Understanding Corporate Governance Reports

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Accessing Corporate Governance Reports

Corporate Governance Reports are available via the "Listed Company Search" on the JPX website. Please enter the issue name (company name) or Code and click "Search".
In addition, a list of companies that have submitted English translations of their Corporate Governance Reports is available via "Search for Corporate Governance Information". Please open the page, and check the box of "Companies with Corporate Governance reports in English" in "Search criteria input", and then click "Apply search criteria".

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  • ・A list of "Availability of English Disclosure Information by Listed Companies" based on voluntary responses from listed companies on whether they disclose information such as financial results, corporate actions, and notices of general meetings of shareholders in English is available via the below page.
Availability of English Disclosure Information by Listed Companies

Preparation Guidelines for Corporate Governance Reports

The "Preparation Guidelines for Corporate Governance Reports" is available below.

Preparation Guidelines for Corporate Governance Reports (Last update: April, 2024) icon-pdf

For English disclosure formats for corporate governance reports, please refer to the link below.

English disclosure formats