The J-Adviser is the most important partner for a company filing a listing application for TOKYO PRO Market. The J-Adviser establishes a cooperative framework with external professionals (lawyer, accountant, etc.) as necessary and investigates/confirms the listing eligibility of the applicant company while leading the series of administrative procedures from listing application to listing.

Listing Eligibility Requirements

  1. An initial listing applicant does not damage the reputation of the market of the Exchange and is a company that is suitable for listing on such market.
  2. An initial listing applicant conducts business fairly and in good faith.
  3. The corporate governance and internal management structure of an initial listing applicant is appropriately developed in accordance with corporate scale and maturity, etc. and functions properly.
  4. An initial listing applicant carries out disclosure of corporate content and risk information, etc. appropriately and has developed a system and framework which enables it to fulfill its disclosure obligations based on the Special Regulations.
  5. No relations with anti-social forces and other matters deemed necessary by the Exchange from the perspective of the public interest and investor protection.

Investigation and Confirmation of Listing Eligibility Requirements by J-Adviser

A J-Adviser must investigate and confirm whether an entity it supervises, which intends to make an initial listing application, satisfies the listing eligibility requirements and whether such entity is able to fulfill the obligations. Thereafter, the J-Adviser must prepare the "Written Oath Regarding Listing Eligibility" and the "Matters to Note When Preparing Written Oath Regarding Listing Eligibility" .