TOKYO AIM, the previous form of TOKYO PRO Market, was established in June 2009 as a market operated by TOKYO AIM, Inc., which was created as a joint venture between Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. and London Stock Exchange, based on the provisions for markets for professional investors introduced in the 2008 amendments to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
The objectives of TOKYO AIM were to provide new opportunities for financing and advantages other markets could not offer to companies with growth potential in Japan and Asia, to offer new investment opportunities to professional investors at home and abroad, and to revitalize and internationalize the financial market in Japan. TOKYO AIM worked to realize agile and flexible market management by adopting the J-Adviser System based on the Nomad System of London AIM operated by London Stock Exchange. In July 2012, TOKYO AIM changed its name to TOKYO PRO Market, and since then Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. has continued to operate TOKYO AIM based on the original market concept.

Overview of TOKYO PRO Market

In the listing examination of TOKYO PRO Market , there are no numerical criteria for the number of shareholders, tradable shares, amount of profit, etc.

Item TOKYO PRO Market Mothers
Disclosure English or Japanese Japanese
Listing criteria No numerical criteria Numerical criteria for the number of shareholders and market capitalization, etc.
Body of Listing Examination J-Adviser Lead Managing Underwriter、Tokyo Stock Exchange
Period from listing application to listing approval 10 business days
(J-Adviser to express intent before listing application)
2 months
(standard examination period)
Audit period before listing Last 1 year Last 2 year
Internal control report Optional Mandatory
Quarterly disclosure Optional Mandatory
Investors Specified investors, etc.
(i.e., professional investors)
No restriction

Please see "New Listing Guidebook" about the listing rule and process of TOKYO PRO Market.

New Listing Guidebook