What is "J-Adviser"?

TOKYO PRO Market adopts the "J-Adviser system" based on the Nominated Advisers (Nomads) system of AIM market established by London Stock Exchange. The 2008 amendments to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act enabled the development of the J-Adviser system, and TSE entrusts certain business (investigation of compliance with the criteria for listing/delisting and with listing eligibility requirements) to an approved J-Adviser that meets certain qualifications. A J-Adviser investigates/confirms the listing eligibility of a company it supervises before listing, provides advice and guidance concerning timely disclosure after listing, and examines the status of compliance with requirements to maintain a listing. Please note that the J-Adviser system does not exempt a company listed on TOKYO PRO Market and its directors from obligations as a listed company.
Please see "J-Adviser" of "New Listing Guidebook" about the further information.

New Listing Guidebook