Application of XBRL to Timely Disclosure Information

Benefits of XBRL

Widespread use of XBRL is expected to enable investors to process and analyze disclosed information more easily without having to reenter data. Disclosed financial data in XBRL can be directly imported to a system or a spreadsheet, meaning that the time involved in manually reentering, transferring, and processing data is expected to be significantly reduced.

In addition, users with no dedicated system can use generalized software to easily compare data with past data or that of other companies, or view it in English. Furthermore, linking with international accounting standards enables easier comparisons between Japanese and overseas companies.

As this will enable investors to make faster and more sophisticated investment decisions, the quality of price formation through investment based on fundamentals-based decisions is also expected to improve. In addition, overseas investors can view financial data in English or other languages. It is expected that the system will eventually be able to process data regardless of language.

Benefits of XBRL Reducing Investor Workload
Benefits of XBRL Enhancing Comparability

Widespread use of XBRL is expected to significantly reduce the workload of listed companies in processing financial data. As standard taxonomies are updated in line with amendments to laws or accounting standards, etc., it should be easier to adapt systems to such updates. In addition, XBRL's data consistency check function will prevent mistakes and entry errors, improving the quality and transparency of financial information disclosed to investors. This function is also expected to secure the efficiency and accuracy of internal control processes for financial information as well as monitoring by accounting auditors and authorities. In addition, it should streamline and speed up the processing of consolidated financial earnings as well as simplify the process of creating various documents.

Benefits of XBRL Financial Data Integration
Benefits of XBRL More Efficient Data Verification
Benefits of XBRL One Source, Multiple Uses

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