RN Prime Index Futures

RN Prime Index

Russell Investments and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd have developed a new index - the “Russell/Nomura Prime Index (RN Prime Index)”
RN Prime has the following characteristics:

  • 1,000 stocks selected from equity markets across Japan.
  • Market capitalization-weighted with free-float adjustments
  • Data history backdated to December 30, 1996.

The RN Prime Index consists of the 1,000 largest stocks in terms of free-float adjusted market capitalization, selected from among all listed stocks on all markets in Japan. Therefore, The RN Prime Index is highly representative of what is really happening in the Japanese stock market.
"Free-float adjusted market capitalization" is calculated based on free float shares, which are available for trading in the market at any time. Stocks which are not available for trading in the market, such as cross-holdings between companies and stocks held by major shareholders, stocks not realistically available for purchase, are excluded from consideration. Since the price movement of shares with low free-float positions will have a lesser effect on index pricing, RN Prime is a benchmark index suited for passive investment strategies.

Specification of RN Prime Index

Number of component issues 1,000
Exchanges Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo
Free float adjustment Yes
Scheduled Reconfigurations Annually (The first trading day in December)
Inclusion of Newly listed stocks Quarterly
Share price used for index calculation The price in the most actively traded market
Starting date of index calculation Dec. 30, 1996