For Large Investors

Report of Large Holdings

(Q) In cases where we conduct large transactions of a TOPIX ETF and hold 5% or more of outstanding units, is it necessary to submit a large holdings report, as with stocks?

(A) For domestic ETFs (for example, TOPIX ETF, etc.), there is no obligation to submit a large holdings report within 5 days as is required for stocks.


When trading ETFs, there is a possibility of incurring losses due to movements in the price of the product or the underlying securities. Additionally, when conducting margin trading, there is a possibility that losses could exceed deposited collateral. Please adequately read the documents distributed by the financial instruments business operator before concluding an agreement and ensure you sufficiently understand the products, rules, fees, and risks involved, before trading under your own responsibility and judgment. Separate use or duplication of this FAQ, in full or in part, without permission is expressly prohibited.