Explanation of Indices/Indicators

Explanation of Indicators

Recently, exchanges all over the world have enjoyed active trading of not only ETFs tracking traditional indicators such as stock price indices, but also those tracking various new indicators.

Such new indicators include indicators which produce results as if using a particular investment strategy (hereinafter "Enhanced Indicators") and indicators which multiply or invert fluctuations in an underlying indicator (such as TOPIX) by a variable (hereinafter "Leveraged" for multiplied indicators and “Inverse” for inverted indicators).

In the case of listing products tracking new indicators, such as Enhanced Indicators, Leveraged Indicators, or Inverse Indicators, the features of the relevant indicator will be introduced on the TSE homepage.

Factor Model Indicators

Factor Model Indicators

Enhanced Indicators

Covered-Call Indicator
Risk Control Indicator
Market Neutral Indicator

Leveraged/Inverse Indicators

Leveraged Indicator
Inverse Indicator

Other Indicators

Currency-Hedged Indicators