Alert on wire transfer fraud and unsolicited approaches for investment in securities citing names, etc. of JPX group companies

It has come to our attention that there have been attempts at wire transfer fraud citing Japan Exchange Group, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, JPX Market Innovation & Research and Japan Exchange Regulation (hereinafter collectively "JPX group companies").
Please note that JPX group companies will only request or instruct individuals to make wire transfers based on their subscription of or request for market data and other paid services provided by JPX group companies.

"Cold calling" is a common fraudulent practice involving unsolicited approaches for investment in securities occurring around the world.
Instances of entities citing the names, addresses, etc. of JPX group companies have also been identified in recent "cold calling" attempts. We wish to notify the public that these entities have absolutely no relation to JPX group companies, and are not located in the same building as JPX group companies.

JPX group companies do NOT engage in solicitation for investment in securities.
You are advised to treat such approaches with caution.

The Financial Services Agency of Japan provides a website warning investors against cold calling. For further information, please refer to the following page:

Investors Alert: Cold Calling (FSA website)icon-block